Are you interested in learning new skills whilst giving something back to the local community? Our brigade is always looking for volunteers, either to train as a firefighter, or as an auxiliary. Our recruitment catchment area extends from the Dawesville Cut Bridge to Lake Clifton. If you live within this area and you think you would like to join our team contact us via the form below. All potential volunteers must first undergo a probationary period which includes a station induction and Bush Firefighting training. After your probationary period is successfully completed you are encouraged to further your skills via DFES approved modules including:

•Personal and team safety
•Fire suppression methods
•Vehicle driving on and off road
•First aid
•Leadership and emergency management procedure

We also provide On Station training in the use of radios, AED machines, First Aid, On / Off Road Driving, hose work, pump operations and other aspects of bush firefighting. All active volunteers are provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) . In addition active members are also provided with dress uniform for official occasions.

What do we expect from you as a volunteer?

•Your time – Our firefighting team is on call 24/7, and we would expect you to be available for emergency calls whenever possible. Obviously no one is available ALL the time, and we appreciate    that work, family or holidays take priority.
•Your energy – We are a small brigade and as such many jobs are shared between a few willing hands.
•Your Commitment – The cost of training and outfitting a volunteer is expensive. Obviously we are looking for people who are prepared to commit for a lengthy period of time.

Still interested?
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